Bursaries & Scholarships

VSOSoM Bursaries

The VSO School of Music is proud to provide access to music lessons and programs to families in need of financial assistance. The bursary committee uses a pre-determined scoring matrix to award receipients based foremost on financial need, with secondary consideration given to musical experience level and achievement.

Bursaries must be used in the academic year for which they are awarded and cannot be exchanged for any other VSO School of Music class or program. Any student receiving a bursary must meet the expectations of the studio teacher for the student’s progress and attendance, or the bursary could be withdrawn.

Bursary applications are accepted throughout the school year. Any amount awarded is dependent on the funding available at the time of submission.

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We are grateful for the establishment of the following bursaries for VSOSoM students:

  • The HSBC Bursary Fund (for students age 5-12yrs)
  • The George & Mary Anne Sigal Fund (for students up to age 18yrs)
  • The Leon & Joan Tuey Bursary Fund
  • Peter and Mary Brunold Award for the advancement of classical music making


VSOSoM Scholarships

The VSO School of Music currently awards scholarships as part of our annual Future of Excellence Competition, the VSOSoM Festivals for Strings and Piano, and to students of the Performance Prep Program. Scholarships are awarded purely on the basis of musical achievement, rather than financial need.

As and when additional scholarships are made available, there will be a specific application process, which will be reviewed by a panel of the SoM’s Department Chairs.

We are grateful for the establishment of the following scholarships for VSOSoM students:

  • The Hoing Family Fund (for students attending Surrey high schools)
  • The Shirin Tata Piano Scholarship
  • The Youtz Family Performance Prep Program Scholarship



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